“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91:1).

 Psalm 91 sounds too good to be true!  There is deliverance from the snare of the fowler [trap of the devil], according to verse 2. That’s good news if you’re caught in the devil’s snare with a disease or some other problem.

God’s protection is so real that there is no reason to fear terror, flying arrows, pestilence, or destruction (verses 5-6). This takes care of a lot of fear of evil. This is a great verse to claim today with all the fear there is regarding terrorism.

According to verse 7, even if everybody is falling dead around me, there is protection for me. What insurance policy could be better than this? An insurance policy is considered to be a good policy if it has good financial coverage after a person has been attacked by evil.

Psalm 91 is all about being protected and delivered from evil. The premium to be paid for this ultimate health coverage that includes the prevention of evil is simply to abide in the shelter of the most High and under the shadow of the Almighty. This is having a right relationship with God.

If you view God as being the source of evil or tragedy, you are living in a danger zone and outside of this shelter. If anybody is wondering about Job of the Old Testament, please read my book, I’m Killing My Sacred Cows. I have an entire chapter in this book devoted to Job.

Verse 10 blatantly says that no evil will befall me. This is a lot different than most of the theology I have heard today that suggests that God is the instigator of many of our problems such as, “I have a thorn in the flesh like the Apostle Paul.”  Such “sacred cow theology” promotes fear of evil big time. When I got rid of a lot of “sacred cow theology,” I got rid of a lot of fear and a lot of allergies.

This Psalm provides protection so completely that I am even protected from something like stubbing my toe, according to verse 12. Instead of being trampled on by evil powers, according to verse 13, I will be trampling on the very powers that would love to trample me. Being delivered and honored when I am in trouble is a promise according to verse 15. How fun is that! I love verse 16 where I am promised to be satisfied with a long life and to see God’s salvation. I love the word SATISFIED in this verse!  If I am 90 years old and not satisfied until I see my great-great grandchildren, then according to verse 16, I can believe and expect to live to see that satisfaction fulfilled. Why die unsatisfied if being satisfied with a long life is available?

Christianity should stop stressing that bad things happen to good people, with the attached belief that there is little that can be done to change this. We instead should be considering how we can meet the conditions needed to receive God’s protection. Leaving for work being mad at your spouse and frustrated with the kids is not abiding in the secret place of the most High or under the shadow of the Almighty where the protection is. When I have fallen short of the protection that is offered in Psalm 91, I find it to be more beneficial to consider how I might have walked out of this place of protection than to use my bad experience to build a case saying that God can’t be counted on to protect.

I was blessed as I read the book, Psalm 91: God’s Shield of Protection by Peggy Joyce Ruth. Peggy included all kinds of testimonies of real live people who were delivered by God out of danger in the midst of impossible situations. There were many military stories and testimonies.  After reading her book with all the testimonies, we had a dangerous situation arise and have our own testimony on God’s protection. This is what happened.

Somebody at one of our rental properties accidentally backed up into the gas regulator with his car. The gas regulator broke, releasing gas into the air with a loud hissing noise. The man in the car knew that something bad had happened, but didn’t know what the hissing noise was.

The man could not speak English very well, but he went to go find help. I am so very thankful that he went to get Lance. Lance just happened to have been on the property when this incident occurred.

When Lance saw that the hissing noise was gas shooting up into the air, he immediately realized the danger of an explosion. Knowing that even a cell phone could create a spark that would ignite an explosion, he threw his cell phone to his helper and told him to call 911. His helper then hurried across the street to be further away from the gas leak and called for help.

Meanwhile, Lance tried to turn the valve off to stop the gas from hissing into the air, but something broke, and it would not turn off. Lance and his helper then had residents that were close by evacuate and also kept people from entering the immediate area.

The fire truck came and was ready for putting out a fire in the case of an explosion. The firemen were prepared to deal with an explosion but did not know how to turn off the valve to stop the gas leak in order to prevent an explosion. The police did not know how to turn off the valve. They kept driving around the block.

It seems that there should be something from this scenario that the Church could learn from. Just as shutting off the valve to the gas leak was superior to being helped by the biggest of fire trucks, so is meeting the conditions needed for the protection offered in Psalm 91 (which closes the door to the enemy) superior to the best of hospitals or emergency care.

Finally, probably within fifteen minutes, the gas man came. When he saw the problem, he ran like crazy to his vehicle to get a tool and then ran back to the gas leak. He closed the valve. The hissing stopped. The gas dissipated. The danger was over.

Ironically, this explosion possibility occurred on the Fourth of July. I knew that we had experienced God’s protection. There were so many possibilities of what could have gone wrong. Somebody lighting a cigarette could have resulted in a fatal explosion.

I’m not sure what the angels in verse 11 did in order to “keep thee in all thy ways,” but I sure am thankful!

Abba Father: Please help me to fear less and to trust more.




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