A Psalm of Determination by George Pearsons

I love this Psalm by George Pearsons.  I heard this on Believers Voice of Victory (4-25-16).

A Psalm of Determination

by George. Pearsons

I have made up my mind.
I have made my decision.
I have set my faith.
I am fully persuaded that I am going to make it.

Nothing is going to stop me.
Nothing is going to hold me back.
Nothing is going to keep me down.
Nothing is going to stand in my way of the fullness of THE BLESSING.

For I am determined.
You can’t talk me out of it.
You can’t discourage me from it.
You can’t deter me from all that is mine in Christ.

For I am determined.
Undaunted, unbending, unflagging, unflinching.
No matter what happens, I am going to make it.
According to the Word of God, I am going to make it.
For in Him, I am determined.

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